My love/hate relationship with Netflix

Let me start by saying I love Netflix. The service is great, the programming is great, the interface is great, it always works, never buffers and is really reliable. The customer service on the other hand suck ass in a big way. For a giant tech company they really need to get a handle on it. Continue reading for what happened and my rant.

Netflix New

Today,  I received this message from Netflix stating there was a new sign-in on my account from a computer in Central Java  Indonesia and if I didn’t recognize it to change my password. Well I’ll tell you right now I don’t know anyone there and I’m not there watching Netflix so pretty sure its not good.

Now, I am someone that reads email as it comes in and I immediately went to log in to secure my account but to no avail I was locked out and got this message next.
Netflix Email

This one is warning me that my email has been changed and that I’ll need to login with the new email address now. Again, I haven’t been able to log in so is this the work of some tricky Netflix robber looking to get my $7.99 a month subscription?

On both messages, the email creators at Netflix are super willing to help me secure my account and they also indicate they are my friends.  Follow along as I show you how they are the dumbest billion dollar company I have had the pleasure to have called.

Now, you may say something like, why would you call? Just create a new account and move on… well aside from the 5 years of history and knowing where I and the rest of the family is in the binge watching , its my freaking account with my information and I want it secured!

So I start the brain damage of calling in and after a 5 min hold I get a nice gal in another country. She speaks pretty good English so I give it a go. I explain the situation figuring they would fix me up and I would be good but first, they want to verify its my account. No big deal, they ask for last 8 numbers of the credit card I have been using and I give them the card # and state its the same card I have had on file for 3 years. “Sorry sir, I don’t have a record of that card” she says. I am perplexed as I am looking at credit card statement online showing pages of Netflix charges.

After about 15 min of this back and fourth on how they don’t have this card on file, I ask if there is another way they can verify its my account. “No Sir, the credit card is the only way I can change your email back” she says. “I can cancel your account and you can get a new one”, she continues.

Seems that the folks at Netflix know my account was hacked, they have records of the inappropriate access, the recent change of email address, my call in moments later and everything BUT the credit card on file and THAT’S what they need to verify but not to cancel the account. Seems crazy to me that they would not just fix the account. Add to it that my friendly agent #1046089, said I would be getting an email of my cancelation. When I asked if they would be emailed to the old email address on file or the the hackers email, her response was “The hacker will get them”. Beautiful!

All and all, it’s just silly. I created a free trial and will be binge watching again in no time.





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